Video Poker Jackpots

Progressive jackpots haven't always been associated with video poker games but they actually fit very nicely.

Not content with having a gamble feature, software developers took the idea a stage further and added progressive jackpots, often with massive payouts which have increased the thrill of playing ten-fold.

There's a progessive jackpot you say?

  • Progressive jackpots provide an opportunity to win huge jackpots, much more than the maximum payout on a royal flush
  • To be in with the chance of winning a video poker progressive jackpot you'll need to bet the maximum number of coins to qualify
  • Most progressive jackpots are built into standard variations of video poker, similar to a side bet in say blackjack
  • SupaJax, Mega Jacks and Super Jackpots rank top among the video poker jackpot games

In progressive jackpot versions of the game when a player has one of the highest ranking hands (such as a royal flush), the progressive is triggered instead of simply having say a 4000x payout. Of course the odds of a royal flush are astronomical but hey, ‘you got to be in it to win it'.

You could easily be excused for thinking that progressive jackpot video poker games are so rarely triggered that in reality they don't really exist; don't worry, they certainly do, you just have to know where to look for the very best ones.

The reason being jackpot video poker games don't fall under the ‘does what it says on the tin' category. You won't find any online casino games called ‘Jackpot Video Poker'. Instead, the progressive jackpot is built into other variations of video poker, almost as a side bet. But don't worry, as always we've done the leg work for you and here's your indispensible guide to where to find the biggest and best video poker Jackpots.

Jackpot Video Poker Games


SupaJax is a clear highlight of the Microgaming video poker range. It's based on a basic game of Jacks or Better but includes a jackpot that can be won when all five coins are bet.

The SupaJax card is added to the deck and when this card is drawn along with four other jacks then you win the progressive jackpot. SupaJax usually holds one of the biggest video poker jackpots that can be found online and can increase to more than £50,000.

Working out an exact payout percentage for SupaJax is a little tricky but it's fairly safe to assume that it will be lower than most Microgaming video poker games that usually weigh in with 99.1% - 99.9% returns. However, we find that people who are most interested in progressive jackpot video poker games are willing to make the sacrifice in search of that big payout.

Mega Jacks

Playtech's take on jackpot video poker follows a more standard format. To win the jackpot for yourself you have to bet the maximum number of coins and draw a royal flush.

As well as the progressive jackpot you have the chance to win more by doubling your winnings – although sensibly (from the casino's point of view) this feature isn't available after you've won the jackpot itself.

The game has a 9/6 paytable which makes it a good game to play even without the progressive jackpot bet. However, once the jackpot increases to more than £1,000, playing the progressive bet becomes a better bet than not doing so.

Super Jackpot

The Super Jackpot games created by Cryptologic are so popular they even come in multiple forms. There are 25p games as well as £1 games allowing players to find a version to suit their wallet.

Super Jackpots games follow the general rules of Atlantic City poker and have similar payouts. The jackpot is won by drawing a royal flush after having bet the maximum number of coins. A nice feature is that the jackpot is seeded so you're guaranteed a win of at least £1,250. So even if the jackpot has just been won you'll still receive a big payout.

The breakeven point (where a progressive bet becomes a financially sensible one) is at £9,426. But even if it's less, that's unlikely to put you off if you're in search of a big video poker payout.