Slots Tournaments

Slots tournaments are becoming more and more commonplace in both land based and online casinos.

For just a small cost they provide players with something a little different from the usual slots experience.

Online, slots tournaments can often form part of promotions, with the top players receiving huge prizes. Take Microgaming's The Grand Slam of Slots for example. This slots tournament lasted for just ten days in the summer of 2011 and offered a £1.5 million bonus prize in addition to the prize pool of £294,850.

Slot Tournament Notes

  • Slots tournaments are increasing in popularity both online and in land based casinos
  • Sit n Go Slots Tournaments are most common
  • Chip tournaments are less risky
  • In cash tournaments, you play with your own money and keep your winnings in addition to the prize if you win
Microgaming's Grand Slam of Slots tournament logo.

Slots tournaments can take on a few different variations but there are two main ways in which they vary. These are scheduled or sit'n'go tournaments and cash or chip tournaments.

Scheduled Tournaments
Larger prize pools and special prizes
Start at a specific time
Perhaps take place daily or weekly
Can last weeks and even longer
Sit n Go Tournaments
Smaller prize pools
Start as soon as they're full
Very frequent (many take place every day)
Tend to last less than an hour
Cash Tournaments
Players use their own money
You keep winnings at the end and any additional prizes won
Often form part of a featured promotion
Rankings sometimes decided by the amount you wager rather than how much you win
Chip Tournaments
Players receive a set amount of tournament money
Receive prize if you finish in one of the designated prize spots
Are more associated with sit n go tournaments

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