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Just as in real casinos the online version of roulette is pretty much standard with one very notable exception. As in the real world most online casinos offer the American roulette version of the game; with a zero and a double zero. This gives the house a 5.26% advantage. There are some online casino sites which have the European roulette where the wheel has a single zero, this slashes the casino's edge to 2.70% That is the game to look for.

Some online casinos that have single-zero or European roulette will also make the "la partage" rule available. Under this system if you have a wager on one of the even money propositions (black/red, odd/even, high/low) and the ball lands on zero you only lose half your bet. This cuts the house edge even further to 1.35%.

There are isolated instances of roulette hybrids. One game called was called Wild American with a 0% house edge, needless to say it no longer exists! When you do come across them always investigate before jumping in with your funds. Online casinos are not in business to give money away. They are in business to take your money. If an offer seems to be too good to be true it probably is.

Good graphics and animation can make playing roulette on some online casinos better than others. The more realistic, the better, in light of the fact that roulette is a fairly slow paced game that allows for a little relaxation as well as gambling enjoyment. Some online casinos will offer a feature that keeps track of the numbers that have been hit but what's the use when you're not dealing with a real wheel made of metal and wood or a human dealer who can be subject to idiosyncrasies, conscious or unconscious?

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