Wrong $1m slot machine payout

IGT, one of the largest manufacturers of slot machines, is at the centre of a jackpot payout dispute after wrongly programming a slot machine to payout a $1 million instead of $8,000.

On February 19, 2006, Florida Eash was playing on the slot machine in the IP Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi, when the machine lit up informing her that she had won $1 million. When she attempted to claim her winnings, the casino was more surprised than her as they believed the machine had a maximum payout of $8,000 and that was all she was entitled to.

The machine was wrongly programmed by an IGT technician who accidentally set up the progressive jackpot option when the casino had only ordered a standard slot machine.

When Ms. Eash was told she would not receive the $1 million, she made a complaint to the Mississippi Gaming Commission. Since then, IGT has agreed the pay for the legal costs of the dispute.

"This case is defended by and paid by IGT based on the contract obligations of IGT to IP to send us a game that is error-free and a game that we ordered," said Britt Singletary, a lawyer for IP Casino.

However, whether or not Ms. Eash is entitled to the $1 million is still up in the air with the case due for a long legal procedure. The Gaming Commission have sided with Ms. Eash and ordered that the jackpot be paid to Ms Eash but the casino has appealed the decision.

"There are legal issues regarding whether Mrs. Eash is entitled to the jackpot that she claims," said Scott Andress, IP Casino’s lawyer.

"Those issues merit review by the Circuit Court of Harrison County."

Last month, in a similar case of a wrongly programmed slot machine, Stephen Wilkinson, was awarded the $102,000 he believed he had won whilst playing at the Philadelphia Park Casino.

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