Woman wins $11.5 million at bingo

An Argentine women won almost $11.5 in a Bingo hall in Buenos Aires on Monday. The lady was shocked when she read “Manual payment 35 663 093.02 pesos,” in big white letters on the red screen on her automated Bingo machine. A picture was taken of the screen as proof of winning.

However much to her shock, the Bingo hall refused to pay out the massive win, claiming the machine was faulty, as it is not meant to pay out such a large amount. Upon hearing the devastating news, the woman leapt on top of the machine and refused to move. After several hours of negotiations, the bingo company offered to pay her $10, 500 and suggested that the woman lodges a formal complaint with the Provincial Lottery whose job it is to supervise gaming establishments.

The winner's husband told local television that the couple had hired lawyers to look into the case and vowed to press charges.

Editor, Jackpot.co.uk - 2006-10-17 11:49:09

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