William Hill to push online gaming sites

High-street bookmaker William Hill has announced it will place a special emphasis on its online offering in an attempt to become one of the top four betting websites within 3 years.

Speaking at a briefing with journalists, Ralph Topping, chief executive officer of William Hill, revealed that the company has 450,000 online customers but hopes to add a further 50,000 to that number once the technology powering their online suite of gaming sites is improved.

William Hill, along with many other established high-street brands, have, in the past, neglected to fully seize the opportunities that the internet provides. However, according to Topping, that is set to change.

“I'm confident that in the medium term we will be the U.K. leader,” Topping said.

“Internet is a priority for us, it allows us to become a significant player in Europe.”

Orbis, a well-respected provider of gaming solutions, will be developing William Hill’s new gaming system after Hill’s made the mistake of trying to develop the system in-house – costing £22 million in the process.

However, it seems as though William Hill have learned their lessons.

"There is a new sense of direction. For too long, we regarded ourselves as bookmakers with a bolt-on activity called gaming. There is a substantial opportunity for growth on the Internet," Topping said.

Let’s just see if they are as good as their word.

Editor, Jackpot.co.uk - 2008-06-11 11:02:37

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