VC Throw Big Snowballs In December

Watch out for the VC Casino December Snowball because this is one snowball you will want to get hit by!

Starting at £1000, the snowball begins rolling on 1st December and if it stops rolling at your name, they will give you £1,000 free. But the snowball only stops rolling for 24 hours and if you haven’t logged into your account and played at least one game, it will roll out of your account and into the next lucky player’s, growing by a grand a day until the snowball is claimed.

When the cash is claimed, the snowball starts rolling again with another £1,000 and continues its journey until 31st December when it will melt, taking any unclaimed money with it.

This is truly one great Christmas promo from the boys at VC Casino.

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Editor, - 2005-12-02 11:27:36

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