VC not too PC?

The Methodist Church has failed to see the funny side of the Victor Chandler Poster campaign entitled ‘See Life In A New Life’. The campaign which has run on London busses, tubes and hundreds of bars since May 2005 stars comedian Roland Rivron.

A spokesperson for the Methodist Church has hit out at VC for the posters which he claims irresponsibly link gambling with the consumption of alcohol. The particular poster in which caused the offence featured Roland Rivron sitting at a bar playing poker on his laptop holding a drink in his hand.

Other scenarios in the series of campaigns include Roland playing on his lap-top whilst in a barbers shop, in bed, on the bus and on a boating lake.

In response Victor Chandler said that it was their intention to show how internet gambling can be enjoyed anywhere via laptop, even in the least expected settings. Furthermore VC added that is did not feel that it was socially irresponsible to show someone with an alcoholic drink when gambling. Pointing out that people are allowed and often do drink at places such as casinos, race courses, pubs and clubs.

Victor Chandler went on to argue that it was not its intention to link drinking with any gambling activities. Maintaining that there was nothing in the poster ads to either show or encourage irresponsible gambling or alcohol use.

The Advertising Standards Authority did not agree with The Methodist Church and chose not to uphold the complaint. They said that they felt that consumers would see the ads as merely highlighting the fact that online gambling can be enjoyed in a wide range of locations.

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