VC chief executive held?

In a flashback to last summer, another chief executive of a major online gambling company is reported to have been held by authorities in Israel. Michael Carlton, chief executive of Victor Chandler, is said to have been held for up to two hours helping with enquiries.

The specific nature of these enquiries is yet unknown with some speculation that he is still being held.

Israel has become a booming market for Victor Chandler, who began to challenge the state-controlled gambling services last year by offering a more attractive service.

Michael Carlton said at the time: “The real problem in Israel is unfair competition from the government monopoly gambling board. The Israeli gambler is smart and knows he is getting a better deal from us. We return 92 per cent of our income to punters, while on some products the Israeli government pays out just 42 per cent of income.”

Editor, - 2007-01-11 17:13:38

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