US judge allows Vegas votes in casinos

A US judge has ruled that Las Vegas casinos can be used for voting by Nevada Democrats in the presidential race.

It is thought the ruling could help Barack Obama who has received the backing of the union representing many of the shift workers in Las Vegas casinos. Supporters of Obama’s rival, Hilary Clinton, argue that the special voting sites were unfair.

"While the Clinton camp clearly believed the voices of workers should be silenced in service of their perceived political interest, they enjoyed a 25-point lead two months ago and have much of the party establishment in their camp. So, despite their inherent advantages, we are pleased this should be a close and competitive contest Saturday," said Bill Burton, Obama campaign spokesman.

Saturday's caucuses - where voters for each party in Nevada can choose their favoured candidate to stand for president - will be the third contest for the Democratic candidates.

Editor, - 2008-01-18 11:27:01

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