US Set for Gambling Prohibition?

US online casino operators are preparing for the next round of anti-gambling legislation, designed to inhibit the industry.

This week, representative Bob Goodlatte and representative Rick Boucher and Frank Wolf are to re-introduce the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act. The bill could ban almost all use of the internet for gambling purposes.

Of the bill, Bob commented, “I have been continuously committed to putting an end to gambling on the internet. For too long our children have been placed in harms way as online gambling has been permitted to florish in to a US$12 billion industry. The internet Gambling Prohibition Act brings the current band against interstate gambling up to speed with the development of new technology.”

How the act would work should it become law is by greatly limiting player’s methods of depositing cash into their online gambling accounts. Payment by credit cards, cheques, wire and internet transfers would all be prohibited. The legislation would also increase the maximum prison terms for violation of the laws from two to five years.

Those behind the act are hoping that its becoming law will stop all online gambling, few believe that it will succeed in completely stamping out this popular modern pastime. Should it become law however the act will make playing online more complicated, as it will be harder to deposit funds. This in turn would make running an online casino harder and therefore potentially less profitable.

Google News - 2006-02-17 17:47:42

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