More US online gambling arrests

A group of men were arrested yesterday in the latest U.S clampdown on internet gambling in connection with a Costa Rica-based online sports betting operation.

Twelve men are up on charges including conspiracy and illegal gambling for their role in operating the websites and

The operation, led by Carmen “Buddy” Cicalese from 2005, made millions of dollars in profits every year according to U.S authorities by charging hundreds of U.S bookies fees between $15 - $30 for each gambler they registered.

Gamblers then placed bets through a toll free number or the websites. According to authorities, the operation set the odds but the payout was left to the bookies.

However, Carmen “Buddy” Cicalese is not one of the men arrested and remains at large according the U.S attorney office. The men are expected to plead not guilty as they claim they are not a sports book but, according to the indictment, they are an “offshore call centre that provides land-based sports books and offshore call centre and accounting services.”

Editor, - 2008-01-08 11:58:40

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