UK sports want slice of the pie

The betting industry has helped sustain the racing industry for many years through a levy that helps fund the Horseracing Regulatory Authority, but now other sports are eager to claim what they believe they are entitled to.

The governing bodies of these sports, which include cricket, football, rugby and golf, want a proportion of the bookmakers’ profits and a contribution to the costs of supporting their sports.

The levy is due to come under review with the Government implementing the Gambling Commission. These other sports believe they are due a share of the revenue from the gambling on their particular sports, which was estimated at £520m in 2005, and want help dealing with corruption within their respective sports.

The governing bodies are due to meet the Gambling Commission later this month and will push for a change to the current arrangement. However, the betting industry believes that racing is a special case and that racing should be the only sport receiving the levy.

Editor, - 2006-11-15 11:42:32

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