Uk Love Affair With Online Casinos

A recent survey suggests that the online gaming phenomenon has well and truly grabbed the attention of the Great British public. The survey, conducted by, reveals that online gamers spend on average £1820 a year gaming on the Internet!

Responses from more than 800 people showed that on average they visit an online gaming site at least once a fortnight. There, over a period of two and a half hours, they stake an average of £70.

With the cost of visiting a high street casino going up and more households having Internet access than ever before, it's no surprise that online gaming is rapidly gaining in popularity.

But it's not just cyber casinos that are contributing to this situation - the bingo phenomenon is winning a big share of the desktop market too. Forget the image of 'two fat ladies' and 'two little ducks' - players will be screaming 'bingo' at the monitor in future!

Of the people surveyed, 31% had visited a bingo hall within the year. Shockingly, for those who see the game as a pastime with only traditional appeal, 30% played bingo online. Players staked less online but tended to win more often.

Brian Morgan, ceo said, 'The statistics revealed in our survey shouldn't come as a shock, because we've been stating for a long time that online gaming is a growing community. Playing at home in the comfort of your living room is more enjoyable and certainly means that you do not have to negotiate public transport late at night! On top of that, you don't have to pay for babysitters and can even play in your underwear if that takes your fancy.'


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