UK Government offered help

eCOGRA, the online gambling industry's independent player protection and standards authority, has offered to lend its regulatory experience to the UK Department of Culture, Media and Sport as the UK government looks for ways of regulating the online gaming industry.

It appears as though the government will need as much help as they can get. As the government begins to propose new ways of regulating the industry, they will encounter difficulties setting up tax levels and addressing any inherent problems within the industry.

Recently, eCOGRA have set up agreements with other regulatory authorities, including Malta and the Philippines, and currently is in talks with other bodies to have its standards applied to other local authorities.

Andrew Beveridge, CEO of eCOGRA, believes that regulation is the best way forward.

 “It is in the best interests of the industry, which provides employment and revenues worldwide, that it is recognised and regulated by national laws and we want to continue to offer our support for what the UK is doing in this area.  Our experience is that this is the way to protect the players, enhance their experience and ensure fair play is provided by responsible and regulated operators.”

eCOGRA, founded in 2003, are a non-profit organisation that seek to improve the safety and integrity of the online gaming industry, awarding ‘Seals of Approval’ to companies that adhere to their strict and thorough selection process. eCOGRA constantly monitor the industry to ensure their standards are relevant and up to date.

Editor, - 2006-11-06 14:09:25

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