UK Credit card Gamblers take Another Hit

The Royal Bank of Scotland and online finance company Egg have outlined plans to charge gamblers who use their credit cards (Mint and Egg).

Whilst stopping short of a total ban, the news is a shock to the gaming industry that is already suffering from over zealous financial institutions feeling the pressure from the US State Department.

The revisions mean that anyone using their Edd and Mint credit card to gamble on the internet will be charged a higher interest rate and, in some cases, a fee.

In short all casino and gaming related transactions via the Mint and Egg credit cards will be treated as cash advances.

A spokeswoman for Mint, said: “The step that has been taken by RBS is part of a move taking place across the credit card industry to examine the type of transactions people are making on their accounts. The gambling transactions are to be treated as ‘advances’, as this is felt to be a more accurate means of reflecting that a gambling transaction is effectively a cash equivalent exchange.”

Great news for them, not great news for us. Our advice is to get yourself a NETeller account.

Editor, - 2006-03-22 19:28:34

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