UK Bingo next big thing?

Is UK Bingo going to be the next big thing? You've heard of online poker, lets face it who hasn’t. Now the quintessentially Britsh UK bingo is out to take the online gambling crown.

UK based Jackpot Gaming has launched in a joint initiative with TGN the UK newest bingo network provider. offers live bingo games starting every 60 seconds and features monthly bingo jackpots, with thousands of pounds being won daily.

According to research, UK Bingo is now the most popular leisure activity in the UK for women between 20 and 45 years old.

Bingo Boogie UK Bingo players can chat live with each other, allowing the possibility that the normal community experience of the bingo game can translate very easily online.

The UK Bingo site will be promoted across all the major search engines as well as affiliate marketing channels and specific UK bingo portals and web sites.

Bingo cards cost from 10 pence each on (UK) Bingo Boogie. The UK based site offers a very generous GBP100 free bingo bonus so when you deposit GBP100 you get an extra GBP100 free.

For more information on UK bingo you can check out our new bingo channel.

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