UK bingo halls to get their slot machines?

The UK government will make an announcement today that could possibly give the beleaguered bingo industry a much-needed shot in the arm and, at last, some overdue good news.

A bingo insider told Reuters the government is likely to consider three options on how increase the maximum number of jackpot slot machines in bingo halls. Currently, only four of these highly-profitable machines are allowed.

The first option weighed up is the possibility of linking the number of machines to the size of the bingo hall, with a maximum number of machines set at 15.

The second possibility would allow 20 per cent of all machines in a bingo hall to be the jackpot slot machines.

The final option would simply allow up to 15 jackpot machines.

"It makes sense that the number of machines in a hall is related to the number of players," the industry source told Reuters.

"If there was simply a set number of machines everyone could have it would be open to abuse. People would say that they were opening a bingo club but really it would just be a slots hall."

Nevertheless, an industry which has suffered greatly in the wake of the smoking ban, lobbied hard to receive some tax breaks and seen the closure of many bingo halls across the country, resulting in a general fall in revenue across the board, is surely due some good news from the government.

But then again, they have been promised a Gateway to Heaven from the government before and only got Two Fat Ladies...

Editor, - 2008-06-24 11:06:09

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