UK Bingo Aims to Attract Male Players

The Bingo industry in the UK continues to grow at an incredible rate, however the game is still struggling in its aim to attract male players. However a new website has been launched with the aim of changing this. Bingo 4 Him is a brand new site dedicated to teaching men how to play and to help make them feel a part of the ever expanding online bingo community.

The founders of Bingo 4 Him feel that up to now men have been neglected in the world of online and offline bingo. The larger traditional bingo halls recently gave the game a make-over in various advertising campaigns with the intention of attracting a younger audience of professional women. However men have largely been disregarded.

Bingo 4 Him aims to educate men to the joys and masculine appeal of the noble game of bingo. The site explains why men should play bingo and that they should be proud to play.

Editor, - 2006-09-13 15:33:42

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