Typical lottery winner revealed

Camelot, operator of the national lottery, has created photo-fit pictures, similar to those as used by the police, to show what the typical lottery winner looks like.

The “Mr and Mrs Lotto” pictures have been developed by taking a sample of facial features from previous lottery winners, merging them into one to produce the final image.

Camelot also revealed that construction workers, such as builders and labourers, have had the most luck playing the lottery. However, life doesn’t get much rosier for funereal directors; they are the unluckiest profession to play the game.

The average lottery winner will buy a big new pad, within 20 miles from their old house, and own six cars. They will go on between two to four holidays a year; usually to Spain or America.

If you live in Essex, we advise you to keep playing the lottery, or if you never have, start playing now. Ilford (postcode IG) and Romford (postcode RM) are the two luckiest locations in the UK and have been for the past three years.

Breaking down the statistics further, approximately 20 per cent of jackpots were hit by individual winners of £1 million or more. The remaining 80 per cent was won by syndicates.

The average jackpot winning lottery ticket is worth £2,136,956.

Editor, Jackpot.co.uk - 2007-06-18 11:57:22

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