Two-in-one betting shop

Cardiff bookmaker John Lovell has opened a betting shop offering traditional fixed-odds facilities alongside a trading room where punters can play on Betfair's betting exchange.

"It has curiosity value at the moment, but hopefully the interest will remain long-term. I believe it's the future," he said.

"With the big bookmakers seemingly cold on the idea of running exchanges, there was an opportunity for myself to exploit. It should prove attractive to punters, as it gives them two options under one roof."

"I make a small charge to use the 12 terminals, and have an arrangement in place with Betfair."

Henry Spurway brought first the concept of betting exchanges to the High Street in 2003, only to close his Edinburgh Easibet shop 22 months later after a commission dispute with Betfair.

"The difference is that my shop combines fixed odds and exchanges, while Henry didn't take cash, he just had computer terminals," said Lovell.

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Bookmakers Reviews - 2005-05-25 22:41:53

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