TV bingo-lottery game to launch next month

A hybrid game combining a lottery and bingo is due to launch next month on Virgin Media-owned TV channels that its creators claim could generate up to £16 million for good causes in its first year.

The game, BingoLotto, originates from Sweden and will see 10,000 British retailers selling its £2 game cards which will allow players to take part in 3 interactive games that will be shown on the Virgin 1 channel.

The shows will be presented by the squeaky-voiced comedian Joe Pasquale and Suzanne Shaw, former member of Hear’Say.

“We are very excited to be bringing BingoLotto to the UK,” said game creator Gert Eklund.

At least 20 per cent from sales of the tickets will go to good causes and charities in the UK.

Editor, - 2008-01-22 11:20:46

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