Tories will support casinos

David Cameron has declared he would back the government’s plans for the development of 17 new casinos – but only if the 16 smaller casinos were separated from the proposed supercasino development.

Tessa Jowell, culture secretary, and the government suffered a big embarrassment last month as their casino proposals were thrown out by the House of Lords, effectively forcing the government back to the drawing board - despite recording a narrow victory in the House of Commons.

Experts and MP’s alike were critical of Tessa Jowell’s decision to place the super-casino, planned for Manchester, in the same bill as the 16 smaller casinos in an all-or-nothing gamble. That risk failed to payoff, in the most part, because of the swell of support for Blackpool to host the UK’s first Las Vegas-style casino over Manchester.

David Cameron and his party are not necessarily opposed to building a super-casino in Manchester, they just want the decision, as recommended by the Casino Advisory Panel (CAP), to be examined more carefully.

"What we have suggested was they split the orders in two, go ahead with the large and small ones and just think again on the supercasino,” said Mr Cameron.

"The Government can then bring forward the other order for the other casinos, and they can go ahead."

Editor, - 2007-04-25 11:06:49

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