The Worlds Biggest Branded Hi-Lo Soltaire Tournament

“SuperCash 2”, the world’s largest branded Hi-Lo Solitaire tournament begins today, hosted by leading online P2P and skill gaming provider GameAccount. The £20,000 / $36,000 / €30.000 / A$48,000 multicurrency cash pot will attract over 16,000 players from 130 countries to compete in 14 rounds of the popular card game Pyramid Panic.

The unique tournament structure allows large numbers of players to participate, with minimum outlay and maximum chance of rewards. It costs only £2 to enter, you can re-enter as often as you like. The tournament offers bigger prizes with each round, paid out instantly and any player only needs to beat 14 opponents to win the Grand Prize.

According to Meir Moses, Marketing Manager at GameAccount, the SuperCash tournament formula is proving popular across the gaming community, “Since our first successful SuperCash launch a month ago we’ve doubled the cash prizes available to players – who can’t get enough of the simple yet compelling game format. We see people winning prizes across the board and buying in again to build on previous instant winnings – hundreds of players walk away with several hundred dollars in total earnings. For many people there’s no real choice – the odds are always much better than choosing the lottery, casino or poker.”

“We fully intend to make remote skill gaming the new poker, only more accessible and attractive to both the casual and the more serious gamer, whether male or female,” said Mr. Moses. “By the end of the year we plan to launch the first £100,000 skill gaming tournament, attracting not only our core players but also others who might want to try something new – and actually make some money.”

For GameAccount, the Skill Gaming sector has been rapidly maturing in player size, revenues and cash prizes over the last 3 years; The company paid out over $2 million in cash winnings alone last month. The pioneering skill gaming provider has reported that next generation games and knockout tournaments are increasing average stakes and lifetime customer value and therefore greatly contributing to the booming online games market.

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