The Flying Dutchman Soars into New Territory

Marcel Luske is the first professional poker player to reach out to his fan base through text messaging. He has signed with Smart Entertainment and their CelebrityPokerChat™ service to deliver live updates through text messaging directly from the poker table to his fans as he plays. Luske will offer playing tips and include his sayings such as “Give a little bit of your chips to me!” One lucky winner will also win a coveted seat at the World Series of Poker.

Luske is a widely recognized player in the United States and Europe. His finishes in the past two WSOP tournaments have brought him to the forefront of the poker landscape. He placed tenth in the Main Event 2004 and thirteenth in 2003.

Luske, whose signature style is wearing his sunglasses upside down, has developed his own marketing organization, Flying Dutchman Marketing. The purpose of this endeavour is to provide integrated marketing plans that further connect with his fan base via text messaging as well as through other ventures. Additionally, Luske is the director of the International Poker Federation (IPF) and a regular contributor to Bluff Magazine. - 2005-06-09 14:20:49

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