The Changing Face Of Bingo

2006 could be a big year for the UK bingo industry; bingo is increasing in popularity among younger women who are attracted by its relaxed and calm atmosphere. Bingo has seen an increase in popularity among younger audiences, whilst in contrast the nightclub sector has seen a slowdown in 2005.

In 2005 the Gala Group, who specialise in off-line bingo, have seen group sales increase by 7% to £71.5m. The Gala group also felt buoyant by Christmas trading of seven weeks rising by 6%. Gala believe that this growth was largely driven by the success of its bingo halls, which have attracted younger women to its venues. 

Richard Sowerby, Gala’s director of sales, said the change in bingo fortunes came due to bingo targeting younger audiences and radically changing its image.  He said ‘more and more women enjoy a night out in a non-threatening environment with no drunkenness or loud music, where they can have a drink and get a meal’.

The Bingo industry is getting more in tune with younger working women’s perspectives throughout the UK, and adapting its venues to their needs. The past few years has seen a real change in bingo, at the end of the last decade the majority of women playing bingo were over the age of 50. Today 61% of Gala’s female clients are under 45 and 37% are under 35.

Bingo’s increased popularity has come at the expense of nightclubs and bar industry decrease sales downturn. Luminar, Britain’s biggest nightclub operator with venues such as Chicago Rock and Jumpin Jack’s, have seen trade fall by 4% in 2005, and are now looking sell some of its clubs and refurbish others.

2006 represents an immense year for all aspects of the bingo industry. Online bingo in the UK increased its revenue in 2005 and is expecting further increases in 2006. More and more players within the online gambling are now exploring the avenue of online bingo, which could become the next phenomenon in online gambling.   

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