New betting system for Ladbrokes

Interactive Systems Worldwide (ISW), through its subsidiary Global Interactive Gaming Limited (GIG), has launched a new enhanced betting system with Ladbrokes.

The new system will bring an improved live betting system, allowing customers to place bets play-by-play on a sporting event.

In the arrangement, GIG will receive a share of the revenue and will also control specific in-run play-by-play markets that will be used in conjunction with the other markets offered by Ladbrokes. The new markets will be in multiple languages and will also accept multiple currencies.

“We are very pleased to have launched this unique new service with Ladbrokes, the world’s largest bookmaker and a major force in the gaming industry. This partnership allows Ladbrokes to offer their customers the most comprehensive in-run betting service available to the public. This event, in combination with other recent launches represents a new phase for the Company, one in which we hope to see substantially increased revenues through our existing partners, as well as new opportunities for additional license and partnership relationships,” said Bernard Albanese, CEO of ISWI.

The agreement is for an initial 18-month period and Ladbrokes will make the new system available for all their sport betting markets.

“This service will enhance our live betting service by giving our customers a more complete live betting experience allowing many more wagering opportunities during the live sports event,” said David Briggs, Commercial Director of Ladbrokes eGaming division.

Editor, - 2007-01-10 12:19:23

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