Svenska Spel tries to sue Ladbrokes

Svenska Spel, the Swedish state-owned gambling monopoly, are attempting to sue British bookmaker Ladbrokes over an advertisement that the Swedish company contravenes their trademark.

The campaign, which launched on May 1st, carries the slogan ‘Svenska Spel, Engelska Odds’ which means ‘Swedish Games, English Odds’.

According to the Gaming Intelligence Group, Svenska Spel claim they have the trademark on the words ‘Svenska Spel’ and that Ladbrokes are using their typeface.

"Ladbrokes is using our typeface and our company name in a commercial advertising inappropriate gambling. If they do not stop, we will take this to court,” Andreas Jansson, Information Director of Svenska Spel, told the Gaming Intelligence Group website.

Nevertheless, Ladbrokes remain calm over the possibility of a lawsuit and would fancy their chances in a court.

"We are not only challenging Svenska Spel with this. We are challenging the politics of gaming in Sweden and informing Swedish consumers that there is an alternative around the corner, which is as secure and responsible as Svenska Spel,” responded Lasse Dilshmann, CEO of Ladbrokes Scandinavia.

"A law suit is a dream prize for us and we like our odds."

Ladbrokes’ claim that Svenska Spel does not hold the monopoly on the Swedish language and it therefore holds that they do not own the words ‘Svenska Spel’. Dilshmann has certainly not mixed his words in his criticism of Svenska Spel.

"For a long time, Svenska Spel has insulted its consumers through an illegal economic monopoly and bad odds. To now try and monopolise the Swedish language is even more disappointing.  Svenska Spel should be ashamed,” Dilshmann continued.
"It is easy to understand why Svenska Spel wants to control the language. When you speak out clearly, it is obvious how bad their offering is. For a state-owned monopoly company I suppose it is natural to try and threaten its competitors into silence," he said.

It looks as though this case is heading for the courts.

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