Blair wants two super-casinos

Tony Blair has revealed that he believes that both Manchester and Blackpool should get super-casinos if the right level of investment was there, and blamed the Conservatives for scuppering their proposals.

Manchester was the controversial choice for the location of the UK’s first Las Vegas-style casino, as recommended by the Casino Advisory Panel (CAP) in January, beating most experts’ favourites Blackpool and Greenwich.

However, in March the House of Lords rejected the casino proposals, forcing not only the plans for the super-casino, but the 16 other smaller casinos on the bill back to the drawing board and causing much embarrassment for government.

The prime minister has now revealed that the government plan to put forward their new proposals “very shortly”.

Blair also believes that there is space for a super-casino in both Manchester and Blackpool should there be adequate investment and accused the Conservatives for hypocritically wrecking the plans.

The government had initially wanted as many as 40 regional casinos but this was eventually reduced to just one, which would be essentially used as a social experiment to determine the influence of such a large casino on the local area.

It is clear that Labour are willing to push forward with more casino plans, but whether or not these proposals are approved by parliament and even their own backbenchers remains to be seen.

Editor, - 2007-05-10 11:05:21

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