Super Casino selection delayed

The panel in charge of choosing the site for the UK’s first super-casino have decided to delay the decision until the end of January after calling for an extension to the process to allow ‘time for the printing process’. Sites all around the UK are vying for the prestige of hosting the first Las Vegas style venue.

The winner was scheduled to be announced this December and this delay has led many to question the credulity of the reasons behind the delay. The Conservative Party have called the selection process a ‘shambles’ and have asked Tessa Jowell, the Culture Secretary, to reveal the real reasons for the delay.

Hugo Swire, the Shadow culture secretary, has warned that such delays and other ramblings associated with the selection have put a cloud over the whole process. "Many questions remain over the way both the casino advisory panel and in particular the government have acted during the awarding of the casino contract."

The Government swiftly responded to such claims, stating that the delay will not effect the decision in any way and called the delay ‘relatively short’.

Editor, - 2006-10-24 11:30:30

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