UK’s first super-casino: Manchester

With everyone expecting the UK’sfirst supercasino to go to Greenwich orBlackpool, the announcement that Manchester willhost the UK’sfirst supercasino has left many stunned. 

It appears as though the Casino Advisory Panel (CAP), thebody responsible for making the decision, sided with Manchester as its proposal stressed itscommitment to socialresponsibility and because of its previous success in hosting theCommonwealth Games. Manchester City Council employed independent trusts such asThe Responsibility in Gambling Trust, GamCare and Responsible Gambling SolutionsLtd. to guide and advise them throughout the process.

The new site will be built at the SportCity complex in East Manchester, closeto the current City of Manchester Stadium that was used for the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

The 80,823 square metre complex, a joint venture between Kerzner InternationalLimited and Ask Developments, will include restaurants, a 150-room hotel, aswimming facility with an artificial beach and wave machine and a 4,000 seatarena. Kerzner International Limited will operate the casino that will compriseof 1,250 slot machines and 50 gaming tables. Over 2,700 jobs will be createdthrough the construction and operation of the new complex.

Now it remains to be seen if Blackpool and Greenwich will follow up their warnings oflawsuits if they turn out to be unsuccessful. However, the promise of more super-casinos if the Manchester complex is successful may ease their disappointment.

Editor, - 2007-01-30 11:33:44

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