Summit proves hit for Antiguans

After this weeks international summit in the U.K to address the state of the online gaming industry, the Antiguan delegation are delighted with the support they have received from other countries since they criticised the U.S's position on online gambling.

Antigua made a complaint to the W.T.O (World Trade Organisation) accusing the U.S of over protectionism, with Richard Caborn, the British Minister for Sport, understanding the extent of Antigua’s worries.

“We sympathise in the sense we want the WTO to clear up this area," Caborn said. "Antigua has made it very clear it welcomes the support of the EU in this. We will find out the W.T.O's position in 2007."

Antigua is optimistic that new relationships can be developed for the good of the industry as whole, as their online casino industry seeks to recover from the hit it took from the new U.S legislative changes.

“This was a good forum for us to demonstrate our global leadership in the effective and reasoned regulation of these services,” said Dr Errol Cort, Antiguan Minister for Finance and the Economy. “Following our discussions today we look forward to working with Tessa Jowell and the UK government in continuing to implement regulations for the benefit of the online gambling community both in Antigua and the rest of the world”

The apparent optimism that has developed from the summit will possibly spring new confidence in the future for online gambling, with some perhaps still disillusioned about the U.S’s alleged ‘over-protectionism’ of the industry.

“I am encouraged to see this many countries come together to discuss rationally the issues related to on-line gaming. While at a very early stage, this international effort should be commended.” said Mark Mendel, legal advisor for Antigua.

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