Stars in blackjack brawl

Joey Porter, Miami Dolphins linebacker, has been accused of punching Cincinnati Bengals offensive lineman Levi Jones after the pair exchanged trash talk at a blackjack table in Las Vegas’ Palms Casino.

Porter, who left the Pittsburgh Steelers to join the Miami Dolphins on a 5 year, $32 million contract this month, has been issued with a summons by Las Vegas police and cited for misdemeanour battery on Sunday night.

Both players have a history of trouble. Jones was arrested for attempting to take away a baton from a police officer in a bar fight in 2004 and Porter was involved in a pre-game fight with Cleveland Browns running back William Green when Porter was at the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"They were playing blackjack and had some type of verbal altercation," said Martin Wright, spokesman for the Las Vegas Police Department.

Jones claims he was “jumped” at the table by six other people who were with Porter after the pair exchanged words whilst playing. A source close to Jones claims he was hit on the back of the head by one of the men before being punched in the face by the 6”3, 250 pound linebacker.

According to Wright, Porter may face up to a year in jail and a £1000 fine. Wright also said the police report will not be finished until the end of the week.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said the incident will be reviewed under the NFL’s personal-conduct policy with Porter facing a fine and/or a suspension as well as having to undertake a psychological consultation.

Apparently Porter and Jones have a history of bad blood on the field and are due to meet each other this coming season when the Dolphins host the Bengals.

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