Sportingbets new head defiant over US Government Threats

Andrew Mclver, who is to become the new CEO of Sportingbet PLC next month is defiant against the prohibitive attempts of the US government towards online gambling. Bucking the trend being followed by many remote gaming operators following the recent spate of arrests in the US, Mclver has vowed to redouble Sportingbets efforts in attracting more US custom despite what many see as intimidation by the US government.

During an interview with the Financial Times, Mclver played down announcements last week made by PartyGaming and 888 Holdings emphasising their non-US plans to investors. “The US is the only market worth serious investment,” he claimed. Mclver went on to accuse investors of ‘putting their heads in the sand’ over the risks associated with the industry in the US. He went on to argue that gaming companies and their investors had always been made aware of the risk of the potential regulatory pitfalls.

Mclver’s predecessor, Peter Dicks is currently in the UK on US bail and is due to return to the US next week for an extradition hearing regarding his charge of ‘gambling by computer’.

ATE Online - 2006-09-22 13:56:17

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