SportingBet employees arrested in Turkey

Almost two years ago Sportingbet’s then chairman Peter Dicks was arrested in New York under Louisiana Law teh company is taking another hit, this time in Turkey. Within the last few days two UK-based employees of the same company were arrested while on a bank-holiday break in Turkey along with a number of Turkish-residing workers working for Sportingbet’s former marketing company Maslin Properties.

Charges have not yet been made official but it is believed to be due to the Turkish clampdown on online gambling. SportingBet allegedly generates 9% of its net gaming revenues from Turkey corresponding to around £1.75million a month according to  

New laws in Turkey allow her nationals to gamble online but prohibit unauthorised gambling operators from taking their money. Because SportingBets's servers operating and are licensed from Guernsey, supported by staff in Dublin SportingBet feel they are not contravening any laws and are so still taking bets from Turkish citizens.

With many nations taking lead from the US’s clampdown on illegal betting, it is only a matter of time before more countries like Turkey decide on taking similar precautions for their people.

Editor, - 2008-05-30 11:06:51

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