'Sport liable to corruption’, says Betfair top brass

Mark Davies, managing director of the successful online betting exchange Betfair, has claimed that corruption in sport is nothing new and that the recent boom in gambling, online and offline, is not to blame.

"I think that all sport has always been liable to corruption, by the very nature of it producing clear results one way or another,” Davies told the Daily Telegraph.

“They say that chariot races were rigged for financial reward. I don't see why subsequent sporting events should suddenly have been less liable to corrupt practice. We would strongly dispute the idea that sport suddenly has a corruption problem because of the boom in gambling."

Betfair has found itself in the middle of a tennis betting scandal involving top-ten player Nikolay Davydenko and a lesser-known Argentinean, Martin Vassallo. Currently, an investigation is being overseen by the ATP.

"The amount of money bet in the legal market may have grown — who knows if it has risen or fallen in the illegal one? — but the number of people who can be tempted by that money and use it for corrupt reasons is the same as it always was," said Davies.

Editor, Jackpot.co.uk - 2007-10-09 11:13:54

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