Massive Spanish casino to have Bond touch

An enormous ‘James Bond style’ casino is to be built in eastern Spain after the regional government in Aragon gave the £12.2 billion project the go-ahead last week.

The expansive casino complex, which will be built over the next decade, will be built on 5,000 acres in the Spanish desert and comprise of 32 hotels, five theme parks with plans also for a stadium, conference centre and a bullring.

There are also plans for one of the theme parks to be based on James Bond and accordingly will be called Spyland.

Developers hope the project will attract at least 12 million visitors a year and become the largest casino resort in Europe.

“This is going to be a new version of Las Vegas in Europe,” said a spokesman for Aristocrat Technologies, an Australian gaming company involved in the project.

“It’s going to bring lots of jobs. Disneyland Paris will be tiny in comparison.”

The provisional name of the project is Gran Escala, which means ‘large-scale’.

However, because of the nature of the project, it is expected to encounter fierce opposition from environmentalists.

“Once again we are seeing that the local government is on the side of private developers instead of the needs of local people,” said Adolfo Barrena, a member of the opposition party.

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