Sore loser sues for lottery loss

The old saying ‘you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket’ will never ring truer for one Dutch woman. After deciding not to enter the Dutch National Postcode Lottery she lost the chance to win £9.35 million, unlike seven of her neighbours who all scooped the jackpot.

Helene de Gier, from the small southern town of Heusden, then started up a compensation case claiming she was caused mental distress and traumatised by the loss. She also claims she became obsessed and was reminded of the heartbreak every time she wrote her address.

She also claimed that the lottery was an invasion of her privacy following the resulting media attention that was focused on her village.

However, the case was thrown out by Amsterdam district court judges.

"In the daily life of society, things happen that have unpleasant consequences for someone, but that doesn't automatically mean the one causing them can be held liable," judges said in their verdict.

However, Ms De Gier is certain of one thing.

"I'm not a sore loser. Absolutely not."

Editor, - 2007-06-25 11:03:59

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