Snoop Dogg's Poker Party

The $2 Million purse tourney will be hosted by the legendary rapper Snoop Dogg, The Rappers Challenge is a one day Texas Hold ‘Em tournament to be held on a luxury casino ship in the bling capital of Miami. To be held on 5th May the tournament is expected to attract a host of famous rappers, celebrities and professional poker players from across the country. Twenty seats are reserved for poker pros but there are plenty of other seats still available for those ready to stump up the $15,000.00 entrance fee for the most pimp tourney to date.

Snoop Dogg will emcee and catering will be supplied home style with a BBQ cooked by Snoop Dogg’s very own Uncle Reo up on deck. There will be live entertainment throughout the day with famous rappers and other hip-hop artists. In the evening, the famous Monday Night FightKlub free-style rappers will be competing for a $25,000.00 prize. The tournament will be filmed for later TV airing.

VIP tickets are available for guests wishing to join in the party but not the tournament with the festivities to last all weekend.

VIP guests and players alike will be welcome to join in all of the following:

-No limit Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament Play
-Pre-Event Celebrity Registration Party
-Monday Night FightKlub
-Uncle Reo’s BBQ
-After-Party in South Beach
-VIP admission to South Beach’s Hottest Clubs.

To register please visit

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