SMS-TV, a Giant Leap in the World of Mobile Gambling

SMS-TV seems to be the next big thing for the burgeoning mobile gaming market. With the relatively lax legislation pertaining to cellular phones and cable television, cable TV providers are teaming up with wireless companies to provide a new kind of interactive television. Similar to American Idol’s recent voting system which allowed viewers to vote via SMS, new systems will allow viewers to bet on a roulette wheel spinning on TV, for example.

Other options for the system, referred to as SMS-TV, could include directing camera angles, family games, and even interactive pornography.

Zone4play, a leading internet gaming provider will soon be offering Bingo and Texas Hold’em Poker to cable providers such as Cablevision. It is expected that the wireless gambling industry will produce $18 billion by 2008, and experts anticipate that much of that profit will be generated by the pairing of TV and SMS. - 2005-05-25 22:52:52

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