Slot machines may know your name

In what is being touted as the biggest innovation in slot machines since the one arm bandit, slot machine manufactures believe they may have the new big thing.

Plans are afoot to develop new slot machines that will be able to greet you by your name, take your drink orders and even sell you tickets to a show.

"I consider that  we are in the casino industry today where the internet was seven years ago," says Jeff Allen, Bally Technologies director of business development, the U.S’s second-biggest slot manufacturer.

"Once you have all the gaming technologies in place, you'll be able to change the gaming experience much faster than you can today, and that is revolutionary.”

However, casino operators and players seem wary of the personal nature of the machines and are uneasy with a machine knowing their name.

"Guest tracking can be a creepy thing," says Tim Stanley, the chief information officer for Las Vegas’ Harrah's Entertainment, the world's largest casino company.

"Not everyone wants you to know their name."

The machines, which will be run on server-based technology, are likely to be introduced by 2009 if they receive the green light from casino operators.

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