Second Life downturn put down to gambling ban

Second Life, the online virtual world, is seeing a decline in popularity which has been put down to the gambling ban that was introduced last year.

"With the removal of gambling as the primary source of the Second Life real-cash economy, and the growing possibility of a Linden buyout, the end of Second Life as we know it grows ever near,” said The Capitalism 2.0 Blog.

According to, nine out of ten accounts are currently inactive. With the perceived freedom that Second Life previously offered being suffocated and the allure of escapism (many real-life housewives are exotic dancers) not so appealing, it appears as though Second Life will need a shot in the arm to return to the levels of popularity it once enjoyed.  

With Second Life also facing a financial melt-down in the virtual world, whether life is imitating art or if it is the other way around, the parallels with the real world are obvious.

Editor, - 2008-01-28 11:32:23

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