Roulette player suing casino for pulling chair away

An elderly man is suing an Australian casino after receiving injuries from a fall which he claims was caused by an employee moving his chair away from under him.

Laurie Dean, 84, is suing Skycity Adelaide for damages relating to the incident in April 2005. Mr Dean was playing roulette at the time and, according to his court statement, was continuously getting up and down.

"(Mr Dean) continued to occupy the chair, getting up and down from the chair over 100 times," the statement of claim says.

The last time he got up an employee removed his chair without the knowledge of Mr Dean. Sounding like a classic schoolboy prank, Mr Dean fell heavily backwards and was taken to hospital after suffering concussion, back and neck injuries.

Mr Dean claims the casino was negligent, citing the casino for failing to have a system in place that ensures chairs were not removed whilst still in use.

The casino has until next month to respond.

Editor, - 2008-01-28 11:04:59

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