River Belle Launches World's First Multiplayer Casino

River Belle, an industry-leading Belle Rock Gaming brand, earlier this month introduced its new River Belle Multiplayer Casino designed to enhance the excitement of its premium gaming offerings. Enabling River Belle players to play "alongside" each other in blackjack and slots games, the multiplayer casino creates a social, interactive experience that until now was only available in online poker rooms.

Integrating a visual representation of a multiplayer atmosphere with real-time chat, River Belle Multiplayer Casino accesses a global network in which players from different casinos can play alongside each other in a community-oriented environment. The result is unprecedented levels of excitement and social interaction that add to the already unique quality of the River Belle gaming experience.

"A primary goal of the River Belle Multiplayer Casino is to provide the best, most exciting gaming experience for our players," said Tim Johnson, Chief Executive of Carmen Media Group, owner of Belle Rock Gaming. "Our brand new multiplayer casino adds a new dimension to River Belle that, along with our incomparable promotions and other offerings, ensures an unparalleled experience for new and current players alike.

"We launched River Belle Multiplayer Casino to our existing casino player base two weeks ago and the take up has been astounded from the outset. Player numbers are growing by the thousands on a daily basis, and it is obviously another winner in the River Belle gaming stable. Being the first operator to offer this to our players attests to our commitment to leading the way and to continuously bringing our players the most exciting entertainment options."

Gambling Press - 2005-07-12 11:32:59

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