Redneck Riviera casinos benefit from hurricane

The seaside casino resort of Biloxi, Mississippi (known as Redneck Riviera) has seen an increase in profits from its casinos despite having 40 per cent fewer hotel rooms and a third fewer slots machines than it did before the hurricane.

The Mississippi Gaming Commission has reported that despite the horrific conditions the casinos are seeing record profits from fewer players.  Mayor A. Holloway said perhaps as many as 15 percent of Biloxi's pre-Katrina population has not come back to the city.

In New Orleans the picture is much the same with Harrah’s New Orleans, the city’s largest casino heading for a record breaking year with revenues up 13.6 per cent. Again in New Orleans, only 60 per cent of the pre-Katrina population have returned to New Orleans.

The reasons for this are not as complicated as one may think. Federal funding and insurance payouts have poured into the area and since the catastrophe wages have gone up considerably to attract a smaller workforce.  With far fewer alternatives on where to spend their money the casinos make for an easy option.

Editor, - 2007-07-18 12:41:13

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