Premier League games abroad – wanna bet?

Bookmaker William Hill is offering odds of 5/2 that a Premier League game will be played abroad in or before 2011.

The controversial plans revealed by the Premier League this week have caused much debate and split opinion right down the middle, but what’s certain is, if the plans do go ahead, the bookies will be loving it.

However, William Hill are not putting their money on it.

“What the Premier League wants, the Premier League usually gets, but this may be a demand too far”, said Hills spokesman Graham Sharpe.

The bookmaker is also offering odds of 2/7 that the plans will come to nothing.

Premier League Facts and Figures

  • 1,000 Million - The estimated worldwide audience of Manchester United V Arsenal last November.
  • £625 Million - Value of the Premier League's foreign broadcast rights for 2007-2010.
  • £4.7 Million - The amount BSkyB pays to broadcast each one of their 92 games a season.
Source: The Times

Editor, - 2008-02-08 11:20:45

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