Poker University Boom

Online gambling’s ultra competitive market, has seen the industries big guns freshen their marketing strategy and promotions, in order to up the drive of new players to their websites. Nowhere has this been more evident then when focusing on online casino’s efforts to promote online poker to the student market.

2005 has seen more online and offline promotions targeting students, who have picked up poker fever. Although students may not have the disposable income of other target age groups, online gambling executives are genially excited by other consumer factors that students can bring to their companies. Brand loyalty and recognition, are key elements which make the student market appealing to online casino and poker operators. Other alluring factors can be seen as the consumers gambling lifeline and the change in lifestyle of the consumer as they begin to earn higher disposable incomes.

The industries new focus on student poker players has worked, making students the fastest growing segment of online poker participants. The USA providing the bulk of student players, where reports have shown that 35 to 45% of students gamble a week. In the UK online sports book Victor Chandler are promoting there annual student championship, where more than thirty UK campuses participate.

Industry insiders believe that the growth of online student poker players has been aided by the growth of poker on TV and offline promotions directed at people between the ages of 18-24.

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