Poker pro allegedly murdered by wife

Police believe Jill Rocastle, wife of professional poker player William Gustafik, is the main suspect in the murder of her husband.

An anonymous tip-off to police said that they would find a dead body in the luxury Las Vegas condo of Panorama Towers where celebrities such as Pamela Anderson and Leonardo DiCaprio also own property , police found the dead body of William Gustafik in the master bedroom.

It is thought the stabbing was a result of a domestic dispute and Rocastle is now in a hospital in intensive care after being found unconscious in a San Luis Obispo hotel room on Monday after yet another tip-off. Police would not reveal why she was unconscious and her current condition. However, she will be arrested once she is out of hospital.  

Gustafik, who owned the Hayward Accident and Injury Chiropractor practise, became a professional poker player in 2005 at the World Series of Poker and spent most of his time in Las Vegas. He had won a total of $165,597 in his short poker career.

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