Poker Players New Advertising Stars

The growing popularity of poker on TV has seen advertisers in the US turn to poker pros to promote their products. Whilst TV ratings of the WSOP in the USA have reached record viewing figures, advertisers are now aware of the marketability of the top players in poker.

During the WSOP telecast, a series of commercials for US beer company ‘Milwaukee Light’, depicted US poker star Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson, offering a punter poker advise and a beer whilst jammed in a fridge. Ferguson added ‘I wanted to be the first player to represent a non poker product’.

Some advertising executives claimed that these types of advertisements were only on show for the WSOP.  Nevertheless 2005 has seen more advertising promotions featuring poker players. Greg Raymer sold his name to be used in radio commercials for Coca Cola Zero, whilst Howard Lederer has lent his image to ‘Knob Creek’ bourbon.

Although these advertisements featuring poker pro’s have been geared solely towards the US market and feature leading US players, in Europe the growing popularity of European poker players and TV poker has made advertisers aware of the potential of its stars. This is especially true when taking into account the marketability of players such as Gus Hansen (Denmark) and Noah Boeken (Holland), both considered pin ups in their home countries.

Finally advertising execs cannot turn a blind eye to the female audience, which could be strongly represented by pro players such as Cecilia Nordenstam and Isabelle Mercier, who without doubt bring glamour to all poker tournaments and would go hand in hand with the advertising world.

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