Play your Way to Work

Absolute Poker has announced an interesting new solution to their recruitment problems. Every year Absolute Poker has a small number of highly sort after internship positions. Competition is fierce and the positions always oversubscribed. This year to help whittle down the applications, cut down the mountain of applications and inject a little fun into the process, Absolute Poker is organising a series of free entry poker tournaments in order to qualify its many candidates.

University enrolled and recently graduated students will be able to battle it out on the poker tables for the ultimate poker fans job. Ultimate Poker has three dream internships up for grabs. Benjamin James, Internship Director at Absolute Poker commenter, “The internship is in Costa Rica with an exciting young poker company. The students will be able to learn and work on the weekdays and play at the beach on the weekends.”

On their website the question has been posted, “Why is this application process so odd?” The FAQ section simply answers this with, “We wanted to give everyone a fair opportunity to get one of these internships without having to ‘know someone’ or have ridiculously good grades.” Benjamin James adds, “These guys are going to know poker. That’s our product and our business. Let’s see who we get.”

Good luck…

Editor, - 2006-01-27 12:23:46

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